Value Engineering

I provide a Value Engineering (VE) service and this involves us in a Value Engineering Study of a proposed client design using systematic tools like Function Analysis. 

At all times during the Value Engineering process there is a focus on skills transfer to my clients team so that they are not dependent on me for future similar projects.

What is Value?

Value is defined as a fair return or the equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged.

Value is represented by the relationship:

 Value ≈ Function/Resources 

Function is measured by the performance requirements of the customer, and resources are measured in the materials, labour, price, time, etc., required to accomplish that function.

Value Engineering focuses on improving value by identifying the most resource-efficient way to reliably accomplish a function that meets the performance expectations of the customer.

Its worth noting ( from a cynical viewpoint) that the systematic method of Value Engineering is now more than fifty years old and includes sustainability so by applying Value Engineering you will cut through the current "green wash" pushed by todays marketeers.