Tier & Class Accreditation

I offer accreditation of  Bicsi/ANSI Data Centre Standard Criticality  Classes

Class F0
Class F1
Class F2
Class F3
Class F4

Unlike the narrow legacy "Tiers" approach the newer "Criticality Classes"  in the December 2014 Bicsi Data Centre Standard  are holistic and encompass all of the Data Centre subsystems, plus external risk factors from both good and bad neighbours.

To appreciate the scope of the Bicsi Data Centre Standard please down load the BICSI_002_14_Sample.pdf attached below.

Accreditation of the Bicsi Class defined as a result of our audits and discovery processes is underwritten by a Bicsi RCDD certified professional with at least tens years experience. See BICSI_RCDD.pdf file below for further information on this professional credential.

Please note that in OCP optimised Cloud data centres Resiliance is achived through the synergistic relationship of software and hardware and not just by using hardware redundancy. 

John Laban,
27 Jan 2015, 02:56
John Laban,
27 Jan 2015, 03:20