Due Diligence

A big "Red Flag" for purchasers of Data Centres is knowing, and understanding in simple terms, the condition of the non building structure mission critical technology subsystems and elements.

The internal Data Centre subsystems we appraise include:
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Building Management Systems
  • Information Transport Systems
  • Non building structure support systems
Should the Data Centre and/or any of the supporting mission critical external utilities be in a seismic risk zone I would also appraise these during my due diligence assignments.

Data Centre subsystems rely on each other because they are "closely coupled". I holistically and systematically appraise these subsystems to establish the assets and liabilities to evaluate their commercial potential for the prospective purchaser.

Similar to my systematic new construction site assessments I would also appraise the external mission critical utilities and external environmental risk factors in my due diligence assignments.

My mind maps which show the scope of our holistic systematic appraisals are available on request.